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Over the years, learning through games in TESOL classroom has become more and more common. The traditional academic oriented learning method of repeated memory has gradually become obsolete, and most students prefer to study in an interesting and interactive environment.


Stimulate curiosity and creativity

Children of all ages like to play, from young infants to toddlers singing ABC songs to primary school students playing memory games. Children learn important skills through play. Play enhances children's ability to solve problems, remember, concentrate, imagine, innovate and interact with others. Through game learning, children will exercise their brain power and have fun at the same time. Learning through games in TESOL class can also stimulate children's curiosity and creativity. Compared with the pictures in the book, children tend to interact, discuss and ask questions about things around them.

Examinations and games

I grew up in a country where test scores are more important than anything else. I have never liked school since I was young. I was forced to memorize several chapters for our weekly dictation. Our teacher's exam was so difficult that half the students in the class barely passed. We have a mountain of homework every day. It was not until I graduated from college and became a TESOL English teacher that I realized that learning through games could be much more effective. In my country, children start kindergarten when they are about 9 months old. They began spelling words and dictating kindergarten every week, that is, around the age of 3.5 - 4. I think our education system actually fails to prepare children for the future.

Benefits of the game

In addition, children not only have fun in games, but also develop cognitive skills, problem-solving, fine motor development and hand eye coordination skills through puzzle solving. After getting full marks in the spelling test, children may feel a sense of achievement. However, children will not achieve any results except the report card. I asked my students if they remembered spelling after a week, and 90% of them forgot. What's the point of the weekly test? On the contrary, it will be more fun. If children are asked to remember the lyrics of some school plays, it is effective and children will benefit more from it. The sense of achievement and self-confidence he built up during and after the play is not what he can get from TESOL teaching textbooks.

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