What insights have you gained about learner motivation from your TESOL certification program, and ho

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During my TESOL certification program, I've gained valuable insights into learner motivation which will greatly enhance my approach to teaching.

Firstly, I learned the importance of relevance to student motivation. The more we can relate our lessons to students' lives, interests, and dreams, the more they'll be invested in learning. I plan to leverage this by getting to know my students as individuals and incorporating their interests into my lessons. For example, if a student is passionate about soccer, I might use soccer-related content to teach vocabulary or grammar.

I also discovered the role of autonomy in motivation.️ Learners who feel they have some control over their learning process are generally more motivated. To promote this, I plan to offer my students choices whenever possible, like choosing topics for projects or selecting which tasks to complete first.



The TESOL program also emphasized the power of positive reinforcement. Praise, recognition, and rewards can significantly boost motivation. To utilize this, I plan to provide frequent and specific positive feedback, recognizing not just good results but also effort and improvement.

Additionally, I learned about the importance of fostering a growth mindset. This is the belief that abilities, including language proficiency, can be developed through dedication and hard work. I aim to encourage this mindset in my students, reminding them that making mistakes is a part of the learning process, not a sign of failure.

Moreover, I understood the significance of setting clear and achievable goals. Goals give students a sense of direction and a purpose to strive for. I plan to help students set and track their language learning goals in my classroom.

Another insight was the role of collaborative learning in enhancing motivation. Working in teams can make learning more enjoyable and less intimidating. I plan to include group activities and projects in my lessons to foster community and collaboration.


Lastly, I learned that the learning environment can significantly influence motivation. A safe, inclusive, and engaging classroom can inspire students to participate and take risks. I plan to create such an environment by building positive relationships with and among students, using engaging teaching materials, and incorporating various activities to cater to different learning styles.

These insights from the TESOL certification program will guide my approach to teaching English to speakers of other languages. By focusing on relevance, autonomy, positive reinforcement, growth mindset, goal setting, collaborative learning, and creating an engaging environment, I aim to motivate my students and make their learning journey enjoyable and rewarding.

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