Learning comprehension of children’s English education

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After learning relevant knowledge and completing TESOL exercises, I am deeply inspired, which is of great help to my future teaching. TESOL's knowledge makes me systematically understand the concept of children's education. Different educational methods should be applied to children of different ages. And through the classification of intelligence types, it also gives teachers a clear positioning, making it easier for teachers to find a more suitable way to teach. I also found my own position among the 8 types of intelligence. I think my type of intelligence belongs to interpersonal, because I am an outgoing and sociable person in my daily life. Therefore, I think this ability can also be applied to my teaching. I can try to make friends with children and organize them to study and communicate in groups. At the same time, I can participate in it and give some guidance in time.

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Through learning to understand the common understanding policy, it proves that either language can promote the development of the policy underlying both languages with the understanding that the basic conditions for learning to take place are present. Therefore, learning two languages at the same time can promote each other. As long as there are correct methods, it will be a very efficient way to master two languages. Moreover, language learning is more like an unintentional thing. Making second language learning a natural part of daily life and making English a language blurted out by children in daily communication will greatly help them learn English, which is also the goal I want to achieve in future teaching.

In addition, I have learned that in the English Teaching of young children, it is more to cultivate their interest in English learning and find ways to attract their attention in interesting ways as long as possible. This can be achieved through games or adding some reward activities, so that children can learn knowledge while playing. It is very important not to let children feel that learning English is a boring thing. Following this purpose, using the methods in some course examples and combined with my own strengths, I will add some characteristic games in future teaching combined with English learning, so that children can learn English knowledge while enjoying fun as much as possible.

Finally, this TESOL learning trip has benefited me a lot. I will try my best to integrate the knowledge I have learned into my actual teaching, so that every student can learn English well and enjoy it.



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