The TESL/TESOL Methodology


Earningyour TESL/TESOL certificate can be the beginning of a lifetime of adventure!   Begin your adventure by enrolling in an upcoming TESL/TESOL certificate course.


There are many options when it comes to choosing a TESL course.   There are master’s degree university TESOL programs, online and weekend certificate mill “seminars”, and a range of options in between.   Not every TESL Certificate program will help you reach your goals – but the internationally recognized 150-hour TESL Certificate from TN Language Center is a proven language teacher training program.

The important thing is to be an informed consumer and make the best choice for you, your goals, and your future. We suggest you evaluate our program and others you may be considering based on (1) the number of classroom hours, (2) the teaching practicum required, (3) references from recent graduates, and (4) the job placement record for graduates.

Program Details

Our central principle at TESL/TESOL is that learning language, like teaching language, is an active process. We acquire language by understanding messages and through authentic usage, and we acquire teaching skills the same way. This works in our classroom and will work in yours.

The TESOL Methodology

If you’re looking for a traditional, university-style lecture course, TESL/TESOL may not be the best choice for you. Students don’t learn English that way, and we don’t believe it’s the best way to teach teachers of English. Instead, in our program, you’ll learn how to teach using the same techniques, methods, and activities you’ll use in your own classrooms. And that isn’t by getting or giving lectures. Instead, our methodology uses presentation as only one small step in the overall learning process.

Much more emphasis is put on practice – language students must use the language if they hope to remember it later on when they need it.   One of our most popular and effective sessions requires students to spend a few hours learning to speak and read Russian. Yes, Russian. There’s nothing like putting yourself in the learner’s shoes to help you understand what it’s like to study English as a second language. So even a brief encounter with a completely strange language (to most students), using the same techniques you’ll use in teaching English, makes the English student’s experience real.

The core of our program is the student practicum, 10-12 hours of actual teaching in actual classes, using lesson plans you’ve prepared and being mentored by a trainer.   Graduates taught with and teaching with our methodology send us success stories from all over the world.

Program Highlights
  • 120-hour TESL Certificate

  • recognized locally and internationally

  • 100 hours of coursework

  • 20 hours of practicum

  • practice teach complete classes with local ESL students at a variety of levels and backgrounds

  • 1:2 practicum trainer to student ratio for personalized guidance and feedback in the practicum

  • classes focus on practical techniques, strategies, activities, and materials

  • teaching accent training, young learners, business classes, online classes, and other situations all included

  • modern, hands-on teaching methodology

  • lifetime access to teaching resources, TESL library, and future classes

Our program offers a total of 120 hours of teacher training, which is far beyond the standard of 100 hours for TESL/TEFL/TESOL certificate programs.   At least 100 hours of this is classroom work with experienced ESL teacher trainers.   This portion also includes some online activities, observations, and readings.   The practice teaching component of the course is approximately 20 hours.   This includes lesson planning, peer teaching rehearsals, ESL teaching observations, and ESL teaching in a local classroom. You will be guided through the teaching practicum with experienced trainers who provide the feedback and assistance necessary to help you succeed.

Our graduates hold jobs here in Nashville, across the country, and all over the world.   We are happy to provide references with a background similar to prospective students. Be sure to attend one of our information sessions, which is the best way to find out about our program. And you’ll receive a coupon worth $100 off the tuition price should you decide to enroll.

The strengths of the TESL program lie in our methodology and our trainers. Our classes are small, with a maximum of 20 trainees and an average practicum trainer to trainee ratio of 1:2. This ensures personal contact time for every student.   By the time they earn the 120-hour TESL/TESOL Certificate from TESOL in China, our graduates have the tools, skills, and confidence to effectively manage their own classrooms.   They also hold a Certificate that represents the practical, real-world training that employers are looking for.

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