TESOL made my day!


Being an English teacher was my childhood dream. To be a qualified English teacher is my goal. I like children and enjoy the time with students. I'll be happy if the children make a little progress. I have been exploring the most effective teaching methods to help my children better understand my course. Through the study of TESOL course, I have a new idea of English teaching. I understand that different teaching methods should be used for students of different intelligence types. Here I learned several TESOL teaching methods. My favorite teaching method is TPR.Now I say my understanding of TPR.

The teaching steps of TPR are:1. teacher says Command & performances the action. 2.Teacher says command & both teacher & students perform the action. 3.Teacher says command-Students perform action. 4.Teacher tells one student to perform action. 5. Reverse the roles or students give each other commands. Let students learn what they want to learn in a happy atmosphere. TESOL course also taught me how to make the course plan effectively, so that each class can be efficient and smooth. There are many nursery rhymes in it, which I also like very much.These nursery rhymes can be used as a reference for future teaching. After learning TESOL, I also learned about gross motor skills and fine motor skills. I have understood the development stages of children. This is something I didn’t undershand before. In addition, I am also familiar with the following stages of language development.

The Silent or Reproductive Stage:Understanding words through gestures and other forms of nonverbal communication. The Early Production Stage: Starting to communicate verbally using simple words, phrases and commands. The Speech Emergence Stage: The learner can answer questions in complete sentences Intermediate fluency:Fluency is enhanced, and the learners mental lexicon doubles. The Advanced Proficiency Stage: L2 speakers have fluency equal to those of L2 speakers. In a word, after learning TESOL course, I gained a lot and benefited a lot. It's all knowledge that we haven't learned before. Nice to get to know TESOL. In the future, I will adhere to TESOL's teaching ideas, teaching in fun. I will try my best to be a qualified English teacher.

Finally, thanks to TESOL for my growth and progress! This will be a valuable spiritual wealth in my life

We are coming soon!! Stay tuned for something amazing