TESOL training changed my carrier and thoughts

TEFL/TESOL: At the very beginning of my thesis ,I would like to express my great gratitude to Mr Alex. Thanks for his professional teaching knowledge and skills and It give me too much inspires that I can wait to share with my student.

A poor teacher complains ,an average teacher explains,a good teacher teaches ,a great teacher inspires. As far as I am concerned Mr Alex is an energetic and professional teacher who inspires me in a very deeper and long term way.

Firstly ,one of ideas about teaching plan .I used to prepare the teaching plan each week and sometimes I feel frustrated because I need to start over everything each class. I am quite busy everyday like a bee,but the students also can not get much progress systematically. In conversely Mr Alex inspired me that everything comes with efforts . We need to collect the recourse and information for about half year . It includes songs,course book,flashcards,questionnaire,movie and everything we need in teaching .

Secondly I learned variety of activities in secondly language acquisition. During each step of English learning ,we have listening,speaking,reading and writing. After Mr Alex’s lecture I have got a very new view of each process. For example the definition of each step and how to teach each of the process.

Thirdly,we have spend so much time in practicing each process. This also give me some hint that I used to teach very fast and I am very worried that my students don’t understand or I want to teach more so that my students will become fluently in English speaking. However the reality is that I practice a lot and they didn’t get much,cause I have never confirmed or checked whether they can use or speak English or not.

In the end, I appreciate again for the opportunity that I can attend the class. Also I am so glad to meet plenty of new friends who comes from all around China who helps me a lot.

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