Lifelong Benefits of Having a TEFL/TESOL Certificates


TEFL Courses      Lifetime Benefits of Having a TEFL/TESOL Certificates

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a nifty way to   travel and earn your income while on the road or back at home. If you’re American or Canadian, nine times out of ten you’ll need a   teaching degree to break into the scholastic system. But if you’re   in hitting up a farflung place, having a TEFL certificate in your   pocket will come in handy. Don’t let your current lack of a TEFL   certification thwart you from an incredible experience and beyond. Consider some of these benefits of having a TEFL certificate.


Does a TEFL certification expire?

As the late Ms. Winehouse used to sing, “No, No, No.” TEFL-certified teachers are ubiquitous in the international teaching sphere. “Why’s   that?” you might be asking yourself while scratching your head. ‘Cause it’s one of those “one and you’re done” kind of deals. One certification and you’re   good to go. . .for life. One of the most advantageous benefits of having a TEFL certificate is that it will never expire. That’s jamais in French or noch nie in   German! That and that fact that it is accepted all over the world. It’s kind of like the bitcoin of teaching. It’s yours and only yours, its value is appreciated all   over the globe, and it can’t be taken from you. No questions asked. So, the   good news, the answer is no!

How long does TEFL certification take?

tefl certificate expiration

Where will your TEFL certificate take YOU?

There are many avenues to obtain your TEFL certificate. Before you even   consider which to take, let’s be clear—a certified TEFL course includes 100 hours of studying and training. That’s   two and a half weeks of a full time gig. How you obtain those hours, well,   that’s (kind of) up to you.

If you’re looking to stay connected and convenience is of highest   importance, you can obtain your street cred online. Before you do, shop   around. There are a bunch of different offers out there at a bunch of different prices. Do your real informal market research to find the one that will suit you best. Prefer   moving a bit and being inperson? There are equally a bunch of options to obtain your TEFL certificate through real, tangible courses. See what’s offered in your area and perhaps you’ll find   something just down the street. Otherwise, if you’re ready to get the show on the road and can’t wait any longer, you can obtain your certificate abroad. Increasingly   popular, there are many organizations that will help support you as your begin   teaching abroad. Meaning, they can help provide the necessary paperwork to keep   you legal, while offering credible TEFL certification programs. What’s nice about these gigs is that they often have a shoe in to your first teaching gig.

10 benefits of having a TEFL certificate

1. More—and better—jobs

Peruse or browse any international teaching job board and you’ll see real quickly for yourself that they almost all require a TEFL certificate. Many of these positions are through international teaching agencies that will help you with the necessary administrative paperwork to get you legally in the country for work. They often propose the reimbursement of flights and can help arrange your housing. Not all, but many. Not only will you have more job opportunities, but you’ll have better opportunities, too.

2. Better pay

Speaking of benefits, another benefit of having a TEFL certificate is that international   teaching jobs tend to pay a pretty penny for TEFL-certified teachers. Institutes and schools alike pay more because, well, you have   some skills, and are therefore worth more to their students! Sure it will most likely   cost you to afford the training course, but you’ll certainly have the opportunity to   receive a nice return on that personal investment.

3. More confidence

tefl certificate expiration

Even though you’ve most likely spent a solid decade if not two in school, teaching isn’t so obvious. It’s not as easy as it looks. Teaching takes intelligence, tactics, and   intuition. It calls for a hefty amount of planning and organisation, too. Another benefit of having a TEFL certificate is that you will be more prepared to take on a classroom of students. You’ll have plenty of tools and tricks up your sleeves to help you deliver   lessons or lectures with success.

4. Pedagogy

Otherwise known as the practice and methods behind teaching, developing a proper pedagogy with the help of your TEFL course will help you not only seem, but actually become a pro. Teaching is more than the sharing of knowledge. It’s the act of being   receptive to the many styles of learners that you’ll eventually have in front of you. To   adapt your methods of transmission to leave no child behind!

5. Teaching skills for all levels

Common misconception: teaching English abroad is always with youngsters who   have never studies English. False! While many positions are orientated towards   children who are giving English their first-go, there are many opportunities teaching adolescents and adults that have   intermediate and advanced levels. That being said, you should be prepared to take   on any age and level of learner. Teaching advanced students tends to be a little more generous to your wallet, too.

6. Phonology, anyone?

Teaching English, or any language for that matter, is so much more than vocabulary and grammar. In fact, most students can (and should) study those two on their own (though most opt not to!). What's equally important, is the phonetics of a language and how we speak. Now we’re getting into some culture! Expressions, idioms, and accents are such an important aspect to learning a foreign language. Someone can have the largest vocabulary and might have mastered all of Grammar Girls podcasts, but if they can’t be understood in personal and professional contexts, they are going to be wickedly limited in their range of communication. You’ll learn all about phonology while obtaining your TEFL certificate, and your students will thank (and pay) you for it.

tefl certificate expiration

Take the leap & get trained to teach English abroad. You won’t regret it!

7. Accepted worldwide

Remember that bitcoin reference? It’s true. C’est vrai. Not only does a TEFL   certification not expire, it’s also accepted worldwide. Not even American Express can say that. From Asia, to America, Australia, to Europe, I mean. . .you know what worldwide means.

8. Visa, visa

Having a TEFL certification can help you secure a teaching position, in China, for   example. Well, that Chinese agency which will hire you will also help you obtain a   working visa. They can provide the necessary administrative paperwork that you   might not yet understand that you’ll need. It’s crucial. Ain’t got no visa, won’t be   earning money for that pizza. Another benefit of having a TEFL certificate, you’ll be   able to legally earn that dough.


9. One and done

No renewal necessary. I’m sure most of you can relate to standing in a long, unnecessary line at the DMV to renew your drivers’ license or passport. No need for such hassle with your TEFL certificate. Once you have it, you’re good to go.

10. It’s for life!

All together now, “It’s for life!” You’ll never have to worry about missing that flight because you forgot to renew your TEFL certificate.   Been there, done that? Oops. Talk to any graduated, traditionally certified teacher and they will be able to tell you all about mandatory in-services and continuing education credits.   Sure, arguments could be made against this fact, but those with TEFL certificates typically employ their polished skills shortly after they have that certification in hand. And if not, there is certainly a niche for a non-traditional TEFL teachers. Are you in your 30s, 40s, or 60s? There are positions just for you, too.

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