After four days learning, I have got so much new knowledge from Alex, such as how to be a good teacher, how to control your class, how to teach vocabularies and I also learned many fantastic games which can be used in my teaching.

In real class, teacher should know what intelligence type of your children, are they verbal or visual learns, are they interpersonal or intrapersonal learners and so on. After knowing what intelligence type of your students, you can make a good lesson plan and use it in your class.

I have many progress in learning, writing and talking. Because I didn’t talk in English for a long time thus my oral is so poor, and I know that we need to talk much in order to improve. Both my students and I should make this kind of training, try our best to speak English more and more in class. Language is for communication, either Chinese or English, sometimes our parents too cared about the score, they just want to get good points. This kind of problem made me so embarrassed, if we take much time on grammar teaching and do the exercise, we didn’t have much to practice our oral English, and I can’t make our class full of fun. That’s exactly the problem I have to face.

To be a good teacher, you should be logical, not just play the games and have fun with students, that’s exactly important, but the most important thing I think is we should tell them how to use this word. For example, we need to teach fruit today, we can teach them the words first, such as apple, banana and so on, and later we should tell them the positive sentence like “I like apple.” And then we can tell them the negative sentence “ I don’t like apple.” At last, they should know how to express their hobbies and other things. That is teaching logical.

Having a completely new view about teaching English, even though I have taught about seven years. I hope I can do better in the future.






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