The Importance of Filler Activities in The Class


The atmosphere of the class is very important to a teacher , so how to make your class interesting?   Through the studying in TESOL,i come to know ESL filler activities are just like your backup. They are fantastic way to engage students and make sure learning English is fun.   Also its gonna help you to make up your class time.

Some examples as follow

When i teach some word which is difficult to remember the spelling, i will play Spelling Ball game. Firstly, i make students stand in a circle, then say a word and through the ball to one of the students, who catch the ball will say the first letter of the word, and through the ball to another classmate, then the next one to say the second letter, and then through the ball to another and keep going.Students who make mistake must sit down, the last student standing is the winner.

When i teach little ones vocabulary with flash cards, i play freezegame, firstly, students sit in a wide circle with a set of flashcards in the center. Students pass the ball around the circle. Tell them they cant hold the ball for more then a second. I should cover my eyes when they do this and say, Freeze!The student who has the ball must stop and take a flashcard from the pile.

        When i want my students to practice Q&A,i let them to do Choose Your Victim game. Make students stand in a circle, Give them some topic and ask them to make Q&A each other. The first student will ask a question with ever,like have you ever been to London? And then through the ball to another classmate who must answer correctly to stay in the circle and get the right to ask another one. Those who make a mistake must leave the circle.

       In a word, i learn a lots of things through the studying in TESOL, especially filler activities , i will try to use them in my daily teaching, make my students like my class more.






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