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There are many reasons why people regard TEFL English teaching as the next step in their career. If you are interested in foreign language teaching or online teaching, the first step is to study a foreign language. TEFL will provide you with all the tools and knowledge you need to teach English learners effectively. The TEFL course you choose should be at least 120 hours, but you may think: how can 120 hours be enough to train me to become a teacher? Is 120 hours really long enough? Can you teach me all the knowledge I need to know about teaching English as a foreign language?

In short, the answer is yes. But we know you may want to know how this is possible, so let's take a look at the details of this course to reassure you.


The essence of English

This may be what you learned in TEFL course. In TEFL, you will learn more about grammar, vocabulary, functional language and pronunciation. Such as prepositions, tenses, idiomatic languages, phonetic spelling correspondence - all the little things that make up a language. While this may seem like a daunting task, you may already have a solid grasp of these systems and only need an overview to review your knowledge.

But understanding language is one thing, teaching language is another. Your TESOL course will show you how to teach these different aspects of English to your TESOL learners in a convenient and effective way.

English skills

Then there are four skills involved in language. Reading and listening are called receptive skills because you receive language through them. In contrast, writing and speaking are productive skills because you use them to create language.

In your TEFL course, you will learn more about how to use these skills to understand and communicate in English. Warning: This is not as simple as you think! Like grammar and vocabulary, you will also learn the best way to teach TEFL learners these skills so that they can make full use of them.

teaching method

Teachers use many different TEFL teaching methods in their English classes: task-based learning, Dogme, overall physical response and so on. In your TEFL course, you will get an overview of some of the more popular courses and their development over the years. Not all teaching methods are suitable for all situations. This is a skill that TEFL teachers must develop in order to make the best decisions about the TEFL teaching methods used in the classroom.

Once you have completed TEFL, you should feel comfortable enough to choose a method suitable for the special needs of students.


Curriculum planning

Once you understand the different skills of TEFL teaching English as a foreign language, the next step is to integrate them into a logical and coherent TEFL teaching plan. There are many different ways to plan courses. Although there is no right or wrong way, you may be introduced to the PPP method of course planning because it is the simplest method. Of course, you will also learn some strategies to deal with courses that do not meet your plan!

Classroom management

Whether your class has 5 students or 50 students, some elements of classroom management are essential for completing a good English class. Organizing groups, catering to different levels and TEFL learners' styles, and dealing with discipline issues are just several ways in which classroom management affects the classroom. Your TEFL course will provide you with all the tips and skills you need to ensure that your classroom is the best learning and teaching environment.

Teaching resources

To a large extent, your TEFL teaching work may provide you with all the teaching resources you need to teach effectively: from textbooks to photocopyable resources to flashcards. However, you may still need to adjust resources to suit your course and learners. Your TEFL course will introduce you to a range of available resources and show you how to make the best use of these resources in the course.

Find an English job

Of course, learning TEFL as a foreign language teaching is only half the success. Once you have completed TEFL, you need to find a job for yourself. Your TEFL course will help you write the best resume for TEFL teaching and explain where and how to apply for TEFL teaching. In addition, it will provide you with ideas on how to do well in the interview.

As you can see, TEFL course involves a lot of content, which should be. After all, it prepares you to teach a language that is not as simple as you think.

If you choose a good and reputable course provider and you apply for your own course during the TEFL course, you will not be qualified and ready to teach TEFL as a foreign language under any circumstances.

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