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Teaching in a foreign country is the dream of many people who love education. However, the thought of teaching in a country with a culture and language you are not familiar with makes you feel confused and scared. However, as long as you are a qualified, professional and patient TEFL English teacher, you should have nothing to worry about. Teaching in a country like China may seem like a huge challenge at first, but professional TEFL teachers can apply many technologies and teaching methods in the curriculum to ensure successful results. So, the question is: how do teachers use the English teaching course knowledge they learned in TEFL classroom to teach in Chinese classroom?


How to start your first lesson

Let's imagine that you have a class of young students who can hardly communicate in English. As you will learn from the TEFL Certificate Course, this course should be divided into different learning stages. In order to have a successful class and achieve the goal set by the teacher. The first part of this category should be a warm-up or "stage". Use your imagination, act or sing, get the students excited, and use the basic sentences and vocabulary they can understand. Start with colors or numbers, where you can start assessing students' English level. In China's training centers, it is common to take classes with students of different ages, with different English levels and different learning skills. Therefore, as a TEFL teacher, you should be able to create activities that integrate and motivate each student in TEFL classroom.

Once you attract students

After warming up, you should enter the "learning stage", which is the stage where you conduct most of the actual TEFL English teaching. In your first lesson, you may want to measure students' level from simple words. To help them understand, it is a good idea to use visual aids, such as flashcards, media and physical objects. Focus your attention on words that children can't remember or pronounce. Don't forget to use appropriate and simple grammar. Chinese grammar is very different from English, so the basic structure is easy to be mistaken. Be sure to explain any grammatical structure clearly and be aware of the mistakes often made by Chinese learners.

Once you've taught this lesson

For the "activation phase", I recommend games and competitions that can show students their progress, so as to build their confidence and increase the motivation of TEFL courses in the future. However, due to cultural reasons, if teachers do not know how to control, team activities are not always successful in TEFL classes in China. Remember to always give positive feedback to students. If they make mistakes, you can correct them, but be careful with the output. Chinese children and many parents are very sensitive when talking about learning ability, so be careful with your words.

Are you ready to teach your first English lesson in China?

I have been a teacher in China for three years and participated in a very useful TEFL certification course. Learning more about the skills I already know gives me another perspective on how to apply them, new skills in classroom management and various activities, and tools to improve my curriculum. If you plan to teach English in China, I will definitely recommend you to attend TEFL English teaching course before you leave. It is important to be prepared and know how to manage the classroom at that time.

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