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Deciding to pack up and book a ticket to teach TEFL abroad is a big step. After all, it's a decision that will affect your life - from where you live to how much money you can earn to how long you can meet your friends and family. Therefore, people will naturally be a little nervous about taking the first step.

This is why we firmly believe in the power of TEFL teaching practice. Let's look at four surprising reasons why you should teach TEFL.


You will get support

Even if you have an English course, you may still feel a little anxious about standing up and teaching English. TEFL teaching practice will let you experience the taste of being a TEFL teacher without putting you in trouble. In TEFL teaching practice, you can be a teacher or teaching assistant, but no matter what position you get, you will get full support. Your company will ensure that you are supported and cared for in every class. This means that you can ask the company any questions about teaching and living in a new location.

It puts theory into practice

A good TEFL course will provide you with all the tools and skills you need to become an effective TEFL teacher. You will learn the basics of teaching English as a foreign language, including how TEFL learners learn the best teaching methods. You will get an overview of English grammar, as well as the skills and auxiliary skills involved in using the language. We will show you how to plan the course and make full use of resources. Although this sounds good in theory, putting theory into practice is quite another matter. TEFL teaching practice provides you with an opportunity to put theory into practice, and your help will never be far away.

It makes life easy

It's stressful to clean up your life and move to another country. In addition to the headaches of paperwork that inevitably needs to be done, the large number of unknown things you encounter seem unbearable. As a TEFL English teacher, you are used to exploring the unknown bravely, but that doesn't mean it's not terrible for you to do so for the first time. TEFL teaching practice gives you the opportunity to experience your first overseas experience with the support of a company. You are usually picked up at the airport, taken to your residence and introduced for a few days. This is a milder start than living abroad alone. It will give you confidence in your next independent life.

It makes you look good

We all know that when you apply for TEFL teaching, your resume can determine your opportunities. When it comes to teaching, experience is king. Employers always want TEFL teachers to have teaching experience, but not many schools want teachers to have teaching experience first! TEFL teaching practice solves this problem. No one can deny that you will gain invaluable teaching experience, which makes you very attractive to future employers. As an additional reward, it will make you more confident in your abilities.

In the final analysis, this is a personal choice. TEFL teaching practice is not suitable for everyone, but it may be exactly what you want. If you already have TEFL qualification and teaching experience, TEFL teaching practice is not what you want. You need to find a full-time job.

However, if you are still sitting around TEFL, or looking for TEFL training options, or have TEFL qualifications, but are overwhelmed by external choices, you should check the internship page and consider doing TEFL teaching practice.

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