How did TEFL classroom  shape my teaching philosophy

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Teaching and learning are interrelated processes. Effective TEFL English teachers can stimulate and attract students' learning desire. They must be able to teach their learning abilities to students in various ways. Through my personal teaching experience, I firmly believe that we should establish high and achievable expectations, create a student-centered TEFL course, and provide students with real life experience to help them master the concepts taught in the course.


Classroom management is the basis of learning

Effective TEFL classroom management is not only to become a strict or authoritative figure, but also needs a structured learning environment in which some behaviors are encouraged and others are inhibited. The establishment of an effective TEFL classroom management plan must begin at the beginning of school and continue throughout the school year. This is essential for developing trust relationships and maintaining high expectations for learning behavior.

With my personal teaching experience and observation of other educators, when an effective classroom management plan, students are more engaged and self-directed in learning. When expectations and procedures are clearly communicated, students' attitudes are very different. Clear explanation includes modeling, practice and reinforcement until students have a deep understanding of TEFL classroom expectations.

Student centered curriculum content is the key

The content of TEFL course should be meaningful and should adopt a student-centered approach. When students are more involved in designing their learning experience, they will better understand the objectives of TESOL course and pay more attention to learning results. Asking open-ended questions, encouraging student cooperation and group projects, and providing students with the task of self reflection are crucial in teaching students to become explorers rather than passive learners. By adopting a student-centered approach, TEFL teachers act as facilitators rather than mentors.

TEFL teachers need to introduce student-centered teaching to improve students' enthusiasm, promote peer communication, establish teacher-student relationship, promote positive and interactive learning and sense of responsibility for their own learning.


Put everything together

Students should accept the challenge of rich and meaningful learning experience, do it yourself and be student-centered. Students should be given clear expectations to follow in TEFL teaching classes, and provide them with different guidance in various ways. Providing students with visual materials, additional materials, companions and various other ways can support and motivate them to work for success.

A student-centered approach is the key to providing students with autonomous learning opportunities. Students will become explorers, not just passive learners who memorize and recite information. They can delve into the concepts they are learning in order to apply them to their lives. By providing students with real-life applications and opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts taught in TEFL classroom, TEFL teachers can help them establish deeper connections and improve their fluency.

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