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If there is an age group, even the most experienced TEFL teachers will feel fear, it must be teenagers. Adolescence is difficult for them to grasp, which will make them face challenges both inside and outside TEFL classroom. Of course, all TEFL teachers have their own preferences for which age group they like, but generally speaking, teenagers have a bad reputation.

Although teenagers are emotional, they are also full of enthusiasm and vitality. They are stubborn and sometimes shy, but they are full of passion. If we provide them with the right tools and learning space, they also have the most amazing learning ability. So let's take a look at some TEFL teaching skills and tips that we can use to help us educate teenagers without losing marbles.


Stay true

The first TEFL teaching technique is the simplest: be true. Teenagers can find mice a mile away. They don't like cheating or dishonesty. Don't try to be someone. You don't just want to make friends with your students. If you're not a Thai fan, don't pretend you're a Thai fan. Be yourself and your children will know you. They will learn to trust you, which will help you build a good relationship with TEFL learners.

Make it relevant

The key to educating teenagers is to keep their attention. Teenagers are easily distracted. They need to participate in your TEFL course at every step of the learning process, otherwise they will cause damage or get out of control. As a TEFL teacher, you need to connect with students to ensure that your courses are relevant to TEFL learners. The key is to get to know your students and understand what attracts them and what keeps them interested.

be interested

Adolescence is a very selfish period. Teenagers are naturally self-centered, which means that their thoughts and behaviors are directly related to themselves. Take time to get to know your TEFL learners and their preferences and interests - even if you get to know them through a very informal chat at the beginning of the class. This will help you plan appropriate and relevant courses and, most importantly, interest TEFL learners. You never know, you may find that you and your teenagers have more in common than you think!


Diverse courses

When planning TEFL courses, make sure your courses are different. Ensure that a range of different activities are used in the course to keep learners interested. Although there are no problems in daily life, it is a better idea for teenagers to do something unexpected and keep them guessing. In this way, they will not know what your TEFL course will bring to them, and they will look forward to finding out what you have prepared for them.


Adolescence is a good time to study. Teenagers should be squeezed out of their comfort zone and challenged to optimize learning. The more cognitive efforts they put into learning, the deeper their understanding and the better the effect of learning. Plan TEFL courses that are not easy and have appropriate challenges. If you misjudge the course level related to TEFL learners, you need to have additional ideas.

Let them talk

Teenagers like to chat, even in the classroom. This may cause some of your TEFL learners to be quite confused in your course. One way to avoid this situation is to give them a lot of opportunities to speak in class. Be sure to include a large number of pairing and group activities, as well as activities including conversation, debate and discussion. If you arrange your TEFL course well, your students will not have the opportunity to chat, but will speak to achieve your TEFL course objectives.

Don't let the idea of teaching teenagers scare you. Teaching young TESOL learners may not be a good time for you, but once you build a relationship with them, you will open the door to the most magical course you've ever thought of.

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