Incentive strategies for TEFL English teachers

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A newly trained or even experienced TEFL English teacher always has a key. When they start teaching English, they think: how can I motivate students to learn English and maintain this motivation. This is a crucial concept because maintaining learning motivation is crucial to learning any foreign language. If this motivation weakens, even the best or most serious students will not be able to achieve their language learning goals.

With this in mind, there are many ideas that can be used and integrated into TESOL courses to give the most retarded students the motivation to learn English. This article will emphasize some methods TEFL teachers can use to stimulate and maintain students' learning motivation.



The first and most important factor that motivates students to learn comes from teachers. Generally speaking, a teacher without enthusiasm and passion for TEFL English teaching will be difficult to maintain the enthusiasm of students. Therefore, teachers need to care about and love teaching and introduce topics to students in an interesting and interactive way.

Set clear and achievable goals

Students need to leave the classroom with what they have learned in class. If they think they don't benefit from this class or subsequent classes, their enthusiasm for learning English may be reduced. A simple idea that allows students to see progress is to write a lesson plan or let students see it. At the end of this lesson, review the TEFL program so that students can understand what they have learned, where they are now and what will happen next. This will allow students to track their progress and instill a desire to move on.


Praise students and avoid over correction

At the end of each class and activity, TEFL teachers should praise students' contributions, no matter how big or small, because it will greatly enhance students' confidence, especially those who are weak. In addition, when students make mistakes, don't correct them immediately. Interrupting them every time will weaken their confidence. Instead, praise their contributions, write down their common mistakes, and then do a short activity to point out and mitigate them.

Change course

As we all know, students who have had a pleasant class are likely to be more enthusiastic to continue studying the subject. Therefore, it is necessary to use visual aids and tests to change TEFL courses, rather than reading and doing reading and reading a book. In addition, games and competitions are added to TEFL courses to break the process and allow students to use their new materials in an interesting and interactive way among their peers.

Involve students and give them a chance to show themselves

If you preach to your students all day, the teacher will find it difficult to keep them focused. In order to avoid this situation, students can participate in TEFL class, let them work in groups or groups, and leave their seats, while ensuring that the activities are attractive and relevant to TEFL courses. It is also crucial to give students the opportunity to succeed and complete the task at hand, because it will not only improve their confidence, but also further motivate them to continue their study.

Are you ready to inspire TEFL students around the world? Come and try these incentive strategies!

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