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Teaching plan is a valuable tool for TESOL/TEFL   teachers, which can provide direction and process for TESOL/TEFL courses. The lesson plan can be used as a useful reference in class or as a record for future use. The writing of the plan itself can also help TESOL/TEFL teachers think logically and systematically about the different stages of the curriculum and the goals to be achieved.



TESOL、TEFL course plans usually include course topics and learning objectives, personal goals for teaching improvement and any expected learning problems, and ideas on how to deal with these problems. Careful planning is important, but the lesson plan is not a strictly followed script. Flexible planning should be allowed so that teachers can meet the needs of students.


Timing is an important factor to be considered in the planning stage. You should estimate how much time each person needs so that you can plan the progress of TESOL/TEFL course. This reduces the likelihood that you will run out of class time or that you will have time left at the end of TESOL/TEFL. It is useful to plan some extra activities for the class in case the students finish the activities faster than expected. Too much content is better than not enough. Additional activities can continue to the next class.

Material Science

The TESOL/TEFL program should also include any additional resources. Music, videos or other items, such as flash cards, can be used to keep TESOL courses interesting and diverse. The teacher must consider what props are suitable for the class and to which class they will be introduced.


teaching method

Another factor to be included in the TESOL/TEFL curriculum plan is what type of interaction occurs, teacher student, student student, or students working alone. Generally speaking, this is necessary, but it should be limited as much as possible and the time to communicate with students should be balanced. This helps to maximize the time students spend practicing speaking English.

Course stage

The "participation, learning, activation" (Teaching Method) is an effective teaching method, which allows students to participate in it, maximize their practice opportunities and develop their English skills. All three ESA stages are important for balancing students' activities, and it is also useful to write down the stages of each activity in the TESOL/TEFL curriculum plan.

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A well written lesson plan is an important step in a good class and helps TESOL/TEFL teachers stay relaxed, active and focused. Students will respond to this attitude and are more likely to participate in TESOL/TEFL courses.

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