Teaching vocabulary in TESOL class

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"Vocabulary is a problem of word formation and word use." Although this may be true and illustrates the basic usage of vocabulary in any language, vocabulary can also be regarded as building the world. Vocabulary is "the subject of words used in a specific language". Although the above-mentioned clearly illustrates the importance of teaching vocabulary in TESOL English teaching classroom, this article will try to explore it in more depth.


Main language tools

First, as mentioned in the introduction of this paper, vocabulary is the main aspect of any language. Without vocabulary, in essence, there is no language and way to express your thoughts. It's like a brick house without Brinks. Vocabulary provides TESOL learners with necessary equipment, tools and materials to express ideas, views and even imagination communication.

Vocabulary and communication

Second, teaching vocabulary is important because it will prove useful in communication. Most TESOL learners want to communicate with different people in various ways. Without this very basic background knowledge, students may find it difficult to communicate with others or even understand them. Therefore, teaching TESOL learners vocabulary will gradually expose them to various ways of expressing themselves.


Vocabulary in real life

Third, TESOL learners may want to use and understand real materials. This must be the goal of any teacher and student. Keep in mind that real materials show a variety of words that students may not be familiar with, but with a cautious teacher, students may feel able to build such a challenge like this. If students can read, watch movies, or even listen to English songs and understand them, it will usually make students feel confident and deepen their interest in English. Similarly, in teaching, TESOL learners may feel proud or happy when they can achieve this goal.

Common vocabulary teaching skills

Fourth, it may be difficult to teach vocabulary and its usage. However, some methods of teaching TESOL learners vocabulary have proved to be useful. Once used effectively, each technology has its unique use. For example, drill bit. This is very useful for memory and memory. Through repetition, students can remember words, which is usually the first action of many TESOL teachers. The other is guessing. The word guessing game is very good and can be used by beginners and young learners. This allows TESOL learners to use their imagination to connect words with meanings or images that they can easily remember or perceive. Crossword puzzles also offer similar benefits to crossword puzzles and are useful for people of all ages and levels, mainly because it is very interesting. There is also a long list that is useful, but this article will only identify these.

Do you want to teach English abroad?

In short, for various reasons, teaching vocabulary in TESOL English teaching classroom is useful in learning; Nor should it be ignored or shelved, because in the long run, it will have an adverse impact on students and teachers. In essence, TESOL teachers' task is to prepare students for the world of communication. TESOL teachers can use a variety of methods to teach new and existing vocabulary by training students' thinking and language.

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