How to make a strategy for  TESOL class

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In general, anything planned in advance will do better and more organized than anything without any plan. As a TESOL teacher, it is important to know what you want to teach, why you want to teach, and most importantly, how you plan to teach. All these questions can only be answered in class. The planning is over.


Teaching objectives

When trying to answer the above questions, it is obvious that TESOL teacher will know what he wants to teach. You need to know what you want to achieve by teaching the selected topic. In this case, we are talking about the steps to follow and things to do in order to achieve the set goal. Planning your TESOL course will give teachers time to prepare teaching aids to ensure the success of TESOL course. Planning ahead allows teachers to have time to consider different students in the class and prepare teaching aids suitable for the needs of all students.

Student age

When dealing with young TESOL learners such as kindergarten children, it is important for TESOL teachers to prepare enough games and activities, because people in this age group are easy to get bored if they sit for a long time. This means that TESOL teachers must be creative and come up with songs, color pictures, charts and so on. These children learn more by doing, touching or feeling while watching. When a teacher prepares a class, all these should be kept in mind.

When dealing with older students, such as adults, teachers must take into account the fact that when it comes to certain topics and activities, these adults pay more attention to privacy. Because adult learners usually know what they want to learn, it is important for teachers to arrange courses according to the needs of TESOL learners. At the same time, the activities involved should be sufficient to accommodate all TESOL learners and ensure that no students feel forgotten to avoid undermining their self-esteem.

Course stage

At the same time, in the stage of interaction with adult learners, it is important for TESOL teachers to carefully select an activity that will not destroy or slander a specific thing, because it will affect students' dislike of class from the beginning. This also applies to young TESOL learners.

It's important to know the number of TESOL learners you plan, and there are always about two additional copies in case a student who should have been absent decides to appear, or if a paper is destroyed or something like that. Teachers should be responsible for the preparation of Tel. As a teacher, you should avoid large groups in group activities so that all TESOL learners have the opportunity to speak in group activities. This is possible only when the teacher has prepared enough materials from the class.

Learner level

A well-designed class should consider fast learners, who will complete their homework in advance and be ready for extended homework, which will help maintain TESOL classroom order. If fast learners finish their studies and find themselves without anything to do, they will make noise and disrupt TESOL classes.

A well-designed class will motivate TESOL learners and help teachers avoid having nothing to do in the middle. This also applies to machine testing used in TESOL courses to avoid embarrassment in front of students. A responsible teacher always plans ahead.

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