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In the whole TEFL English teaching process, we discussed many success factors that may lead to potential problems or failures in TEFL classroom. One factor constantly emphasized is TEFL teachers' attitude and ability to establish a good relationship with students. Students' participation skills are very important to motivate students. In TEFL classroom, teachers should establish a relationship with students to make students feel comfortable in TEFL classroom.


Support a harmonious environment

In order to establish this relationship, TEFL teachers need to have a power attitude. In order to successfully impart knowledge to students, TEFL teachers must be able to interact and communicate with students. In order to do this, they must have the right mentality; Without positive attitudes and views, students rarely have the opportunity to learn skillfully, if any. Students are also more receptive when teachers have a positive attitude and are proud to share what they know.

Solid subject knowledge

The main reason why students go to any educational institution is to obtain knowledge of the subjects they study. Therefore, TEFL teachers should cultivate the skills of participation and connection through interesting presentation styles. This is especially true when teaching foreign languages. Many young TEFL learners have no clear goals or reasons. Therefore, some people lack the necessary motivation when learning English. When TEFL teachers change their presentation style and use interesting activities to make TEFL classroom interesting and educational, students may be more willing to participate, because students who are happier in the process may also be more likely to remember information.

Good communication skills

Teaching is a way of communication, so another skill TEFL teachers should have is good communication skills. They should be able to communicate concepts in a way that students can easily understand, such as concepts related to grammar. The ability to share knowledge is as important as knowledge itself. TEFL teachers may have extensive knowledge of the subject areas they teach, but if they can't explain it effectively, this knowledge is useless to students.


Interesting textbook

Find suitable materials that can attract students and be aware of the needs of each student. If I realize that a specific method is ineffective, I should be ready to change my TEFL English teaching and communication methods. I have to try to change my speech style and the content of each class. TEFL English teaching course provides teachers with useful suggestions on various activities, such as songs, plays and role plays, and how to make successful use of each activity.

Creative method

These suggestions also help to develop another skill that teachers should have in TEFL classroom, creativity. Many TEF L courses will provide textbooks. However, these are often very boring and do not meet the interests of students. As this course suggests, students, especially young learners, learn best when doing interesting things. Therefore, TEFL teachers should give full play to creative methods in teaching and find novel and interesting learning methods for their students.

Classroom management

TEFL teachers should also have good classroom management skills. The ability of teachers to organize and prepare courses is an important factor in determining the success of courses. Good classroom management includes time management, maintaining classroom discipline, creating classroom arrangements conducive to learning and maintaining discipline, and striking a balance between teacher and student talk time.

Are you ready for a foreign language class?

In short, there are many factors that can contribute to the success of TEFL classroom. A teacher with the required skills will have a great impact on students' lives and stimulate them to continue learning in and out of the classroom

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