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Beijing is a metropolis like no other and taking your tefl course here would allow you to see a side of the city that average travelers will never see. Located in the Xuan wu men downtown area, just 2km away from Tiananmen Square, our tefltraining course in Beijing will prepare you to work in china or anywhere else your teaching career leads you.

Should you wish to teach in Beijing, jobs are abundant and those having earned a certificate from the world’s largest tefl course provider are guaranteed to find meaningful employment in Beijing, or anywhere else in the country. We can use our contacts in the city to help you locate potential employers and you can also take advantage of our network of contacts throughout China.

Beijing’s estimated population, spread over fourteen districts, is thought to be over 20 million. Beijing is also China’s cultural hub. The city’s famous and lengthy history still holds influence over Beijing’s friendly locals, their rich traditions and their wonderfully delicious cuisine.

Certainly not lacking culture and history, Beijing has managed to keep sites like the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the Great Wall all intact both structurally and culturally. Yet moving forward and having recently hosted the 2022 Olympic Games, there is no doubting Beijing’s dominance over modern Chinese politics, banking, finance and industry.

When you combine Beijing’s history and culture with TEFL in China's quality training and facilities, it is easy to see the allure of taking a tefl course here. With its size comes variety; your days in Beijing will be filled with culture and great adventure, and your nights will be filled with world-class dining and modern entertainment. From concerts and bars, to opera and martial arts, Beijing has got something to suit all interests.

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