How to maintain TESOL classroom discipline?

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At some point in TESOL's teaching career, TESOL teachers will have to deal with misbehaving students and conflicts that may occur in TESOL's classroom. This is where discipline is maintained and action is taken. Discipline is not as simple as it seems. There are many different factors to consider before imposing punishment. If the teacher knows how to deal with them correctly or prevent them from happening at the first time, the teacher will not have an opinion on it.


important factor

When maintaining discipline, the degree of discipline implementation depends on the following six factors: Students' age, motivation, learning enthusiasm, class size, school principles and atmosphere, and respect between students and TESOL teachers. Only after that can TESOL teachers put forward appropriate disciplinary measures and techniques. When blaming young students, it is more effective to use a gentle voice and avoid critical tone, while for teenage boys in conflict, teachers may need to raise their voice to attract their attention. When you discipline someone in a large class, you may not want to isolate them more, because it will make students feel ashamed and embarrassed.

In maintaining discipline, TESOL teachers need to first assess problems that may lead to misconduct. There are many reasons for students' problem behavior. These include family problems, low self-esteem, boredom, peer pressure, disrespect for teachers and other students, and class size. In a large TESOL class, some students may seek more attention from teachers, but they may not get enough attention and show it. For example, bored students may start throwing paper planes or passing notes, all of which should be restrained by the teacher.



Being a teacher means that students will focus most of their attention on you and anything you do or say. Therefore, it is very important that teachers have the responsibility to set an example for students, which means that teachers need to be on time and make full preparations before class. Students respect teachers, so they don't want to see teachers inconsistent or unfair. It is important for teachers not to let personal feelings affect their handling of students. TESOL teachers must make their classes full of enthusiasm, colorful and pleasant environment for learning. TESOL teachers' behaviors and actions are perceived by students, so they should always be careful how to become a responsible example.

For the problem behavior, the teacher must take action immediately. Don't expect it to calm down. The simple response includes stopping and looking at the students suspiciously, although these actions may not be enough sometimes. Always pay attention to children's behavior and what they did wrong. Don't blame students, just blame their behavior. One of the most important things to remember is to stay calm and avoid shouting because it never really helps. A good solution is to change the dynamics of the classroom and keep misbehaving students away from each other. It's also helpful to ask any university how to deal with some children, but don't forget to follow the school's discipline.

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Maintaining TESOL classroom discipline needs to consider many small factors and details, which is not as simple as it seems. This can be a problem for teachers who are introverted or have difficulty in eye contact. There should be a balance between controlling and encouraging everyone to have a relaxed learning atmosphere in TESOL classroom.

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