Interesting side of group teaching in TESOL class

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Can you imagine being in a foreign country and not speaking that language? You are a new student, shy and nervous. You haven't made any friends yet. You don't have confidence in your speech skills. TESOL teaching classroom can be a terrible place, which is why the role of TESOL teachers is so important. Since most students from non English speaking countries are usually shy in TESOL English teaching class, it can be beneficial to students through various forms of methods such as "group".


Learning based on real life Communication

When listening to students in groups, TESOL teachers will notice that daily language skills are used. These are natural conversations between students, not their TESOL classroom skills. This kind of communication in another language helps to enhance the confidence of non-English students and facilitate the communication between students. They are making full use of their English skills. Group teaching is a way to establish friendship among students, which can establish permanent friendship. These friendships are an important part of TESOL classroom management, from which TESOL teachers can feel who is the leader of the classroom. These leaders can serve as mentors for other students in the classroom.

Grouping technology

There are various grouping combinations that can produce different results. One way to group students is to change their skill levels. This type of group encourages people with higher English proficiency to lead discussions, guide students with lower English proficiency, and share their knowledge with others. Grouping according to the same skill level will help the whole group understand the theme as a whole and promote more speeches because they can understand each other. They can be grouped according to the same first language.

This type of grouping helps students learn more difficult tasks or TESOL courses that can be translated into their same language. Once they understand the project in their own language, they can translate it and get the answer. Another way to group students is to use different languages. This may be a challenge, but it may be possible to introduce a simple activity.

Activity selection

Once a group is established, there are many types of TESOL English teaching courses or games that can promote students' opportunities to practice English skills. Having a team project is a way to accomplish a difficult task that requires communication. Problem solving and information sharing stimulate a dialogue on how to find solutions that may be used in daily life. Role play can be used for any topic that can be recreated. This English conversation can be used in a practical and realistic way.

Some students who can't speak English learn best when communicating with others. They can do this by learning in various group activities. Practice their English skills in groups and encourage their school relationship to develop into friendship. Teachers who are keen to teach non-English students in various ways help nervous and shy students enjoy learning English. Introduce creative and fun activities in TESOL class, help students relax, make new friends, and then use their English outside TESOL class. This is both beneficial and interesting for non-English students.


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