Methods of motivating students in TESOL class

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As a college student, I have experienced campus life, non-native English speakers and foreign students in Canada. I have learned some key factors affecting the overall learning experience of diversified TESOL classroom. The effectiveness and efficiency of TESOL teachers mainly depend on their ability to keep students motivated. I have observed some ways to increase students' motivation, especially in a TESOL classroom crowded with students from different cultural backgrounds and language levels.


1. Maintain relevance

By using real-life examples, current events, personal testimony and even current events in popular culture, TESOL teachers can easily attract students because students can find relevance in their own lives. The relevance of TESOL teaching course materials will invite students to participate in the classroom.

2. Keep in touch

In order to encourage students to communicate with each other and practice the language, TESOL teachers can create a continuous interactive activity to help students keep in touch. These activities may include writing letters to "partner students" paired at the beginning of the class; Or share "highlights of the week" in one or two paragraphs a week.

3. Remain competitive

TESOL teachers can also use interesting and relevant materials to stimulate students' thirst for knowledge. Healthy and friendly competition through team games, debates and group activities can help students inspire each other and enhance class cohesion and friendship. Team games like crossword puzzles and crossword puzzles are interesting and meaningful activities that can be used to promote healthy competition in TESOL teaching classrooms.


4. Maintain high technology

In today's era, it is not surprising that students enter the classroom with the basic expectation of seeing some form of modern technology used. Tools such as PowerPoint, overhead projector, iPads, TV and speakers can be used to maintain students' appropriate excitement and participation, so as to improve their enthusiasm and participation in TESOL classroom work.

5. Keep in touch

By taking some time to understand each student's personal interests, fears, language fluency, strengths and weaknesses, you can better understand them. TESOL teachers can gain the trust of students and improve their enthusiasm in TESOL class.

6. Please pay attention

By highlighting students' special interests, skills and talents, TESOL teachers can integrate these aspects into the curriculum work. For example, a teacher can pair a student who likes to play ukri with another student who likes to sing, prepare a song in their native language and / or the translated English version of the song, and share it in class.

7. Stay fashionable

I remember attending a class in the 1990s. TESOL Cheng will use multiple videos made in the 1970s to illustrate some concepts. While the content is relevant, the presentation is irrelevant. Over time, the level of motivation in TESOL classroom decreased because outdated videos distracted students' attention. It is more effective for teachers to use the latest visual materials to complete TESOL course objectives.

Are you ready to motivate the English class?

There are more ways to increase and maintain the level of motivation in TESOL classes. I just pointed out some methods from my personal experience as a foreign student. I look forward to continuing to explore more effective ways to teach students from different backgrounds.

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