TEFL Courses-5 Questions for Spanish Speakers

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        Regardless of your first language, learning English as a foreign language can be a challenge, but your native language can influence your learning process. Therefore, TEFL cannot generalize about all language learners because everyone is different, but TEFL can identify certain problems that all speakers of a language have. In this way, we can use this knowledge to help these learners learn English. Here let us consider the problem of Spanish speakers learning English.

        First, there is a problem with cognates. Homonyms are words in two different languages that look very similar but have different meanings. What usually happens with cognates is that learners think they know the English word because they associate it with a word in their language, but then they use it incorrectly.There are many such words in English and Spanish, which have interesting consequences.


        Then, common in TEFL are personal pronouns. In Spanish, the abbreviation of the pronoun USSR refers to both male and female, whereas in English we have separate pronouns: he and her, he and her, his and hers. So, Spanish learners can have trouble remembering to use different pronouns in different situations, and while this isn't a tragic mistake, it can lead to confusion.

        The order of adjectives and nouns can also cause confusion. In Spanish, nouns usually come before adjectives, while in TEFL English it's the other way around.

        Finally, pronunciation can be a big problem for Spanish speakers. Spanish speakers tend to speak English with a heavy accent, and while this isn't usually a problem, sometimes it is. Spanish speakers tend to put an extra e in words that start with ....

        Identifying your English learner's first language in your classroom is essential as it will help you anticipate problems that may arise. The more experienced you are, the more familiar you are with the different issues associated with different languages. Apply for the TEFL certificate, so that you have sufficient teaching skills.

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