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        In your English class—in virtually any class         one thing is certain to happen, and that is that your students will make mistakes when they speak. Students may make many different oral mistakes, and there are many reasons why students make mistakes, but the question remains: What would you do? The TEFL course tells you that deciding when, what, and how to correct depends on many situations.

        The first thing to consider is the activity. Some activities focus on accuracy, while others focus more on fluency. If an activity is a controlled grammar practice activity, then immediate error correction is appropriate so that students can realize that the content produced is incorrect. Mistakes at these times will appear regularly because students are still learning the correct form, but they need to be corrected before the incorrect form becomes a habit. Facing different situations, TEFL courses have different educational methods.

        If the error is more of a mistake or lack of concentration, you can also use instant correction. A student may feel tired or nervous, and therefore may make mistakes. This is not a lack of understanding, but a verbal error. In these cases, immediate on-site corrections can be made quickly without interrupting the flow of activities.


        On the other hand, if the activity involves students working together in a group or discussing as a class, this may not be the best time to interrupt and correct mistakes immediately. TEFL courses will also be divided into groups for discussion. If errors are found, the teacher will not directly correct them. Doing so may interrupt the flow of discussions and ideas, so activities will be hindered. Sometimes content is more important than language. In addition, if there is an error, you can write it down and deal with it at the end of the activity or course.

        Then how to deal with error correction. TEFL courses have professional teaching on how to correct students’ mistakes. The easiest option is for the teacher to jump in and give the correct version. Another option is for the teacher to show the problem and wait for the student to correct it. Or other students can be asked to correct their classmates. One thing to remember is that sometimes students either don’t know which part of what they just said is wrong, or they don’t know how to correct it, so it is necessary for the teacher to intervene.

        Finally, you need to make a decision. Sometimes there are too many mistakes flying around in the classroom, and you don't know what to do. You can't correct everything all the time, so think about what is best for that situation. An error usually takes a long time to explain, so it is best to deal with it at a later stage. On the other hand, if an error hinders the course, correcting it may be crucial.

        Basically, error correction depends on your judgment. There are many factors to consider, but through the TEFL course, you will know the best way to deal with it.

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