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        There are many different methods in TEFL courses because of different grammatical structures, but there are some methods or activities that are suitable for specific ones. Its battle requires a lot of effort to become more natural. So let's take a look at what you can do to make teaching concepts more effective and effective.

I don’t. This is a great game for teachers to practice the present perfect in TEFL teaching. Riding a motorcycle, and then they need to stand up, and then say another sentence-"I have never been on an elephant.", but if they see an elephant, they will stand up. This is a simple game where students can get to know each other while viewing the structure.

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        Travel the world, draw a map of the world on the blackboard, and use two different colors to mark where you have been and where you want to go. In TEFL classes, students are asked to mark the countries where they want to teach, and students can ask you questions about your destination. They usually ask questions such as "When did you go to Thailand?", "Why are you going to India?", although they may need some help with the correct question format, depending on the level. After completion, give the students a handout of the world map, or let them draw by themselves, and then draw them by themselves. They compare maps in pairs or groups, talking about where they have been and where they want to go. This is a good way to consolidate a difference between the present perfect tense and the past simple tense.

        The most advanced game, as the name suggests, is for students to compare something to determine whose situation is the most advanced. For example, "The most expensive thing I have ever bought is my 150 handbag." "The hottest place I've been to is Saudi Arabia." Students can bring up these situations themselves, or you can provide them with tips. This is a joy for students, they compete with each other, trying to "beat" their partners. It can be carried out among partners first, and then as a group activity to find the winner of the whole class. Although perfection may be difficult to do right now, there are many games and activities to help your students practice it.

        There are many perfect teaching methods in TEFL courses. It is different from ordinary teaching. Through the study of TEFL courses, you will find that your classroom becomes more active, and students love your English lessons more.

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