Completing a tesol course will enhance your career as an english

Teacher and get an internationally recognized tefl certificate

完成 TEFL课程会提升您的英语教学国际化职业技能

获得份国际承认的 TEFL国际英语教师资格证书

Asides from being a qualified english teacher , you will also不仅是成为合格的英语教师,您还会:

1.享受国际就业机会 Global job opportunities

Paid tesol positions exist more or less in every country . we have helped thousands of people realize their dreams and teach in different countries all over the world .


2.提升职业发展 Career advancement

TEFL is a fantastic opportunity to gain some experience and set you up for future academic learning . many teachers all over the world start their careers with our courses before taking future courses ( . . ma tefl)

TEFL将给您提供一个很好的获取经验的机会,特别是为以后的学术学习打好基础。世界各地的很多老师在学习其他课程前(如 MA TEFL)都是凭借我们的课程开始其职业生涯的

3.获取国际承认证书 Internationally recognized certificate

Tefl certificates are recognized worldwide and gives you the qualification and skills to teach english professionally .


4.获取高收入 Earn great money

Qualified teachers in china or overseas earn more than those without recognized tesol qualifications

5.有更多工作机会 Job availability in china

Lots of english teachers to fill positions all over the world and once you are qualif lified you will become highly employable .

国内外各地有大量的英语教师的职位空缺,一且经过 TESOL认证,您将会在就业市场上炙手可热.

6.工作有保障 Job security

Work in a spected career and enjoy the benefits that english teaching has to offer从事令人尊敬的工作,享受敦英语的种种好处.

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