My great experiences in TEFL/TESOL China

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TEFL/TESOL Final Essay

      After these 5 days courses I’ve learned a lot. Not only for the course itself, but also gain a lot of experiences and friendships. In each day we had a lot of fun and learned a lot. In the first day of the class, there was one topic impressed me a lot. Which is what makes a great teacher. Before I participate in this course, I have no experiences in teaching, and I really want to be a teacher. I just thought that in order to be a teacher what you only need is enough knowledge and teaching skills. That all I need. But that day I knew that to be a great teacher I need to learn a lot.

A great teacher needs great character and personality, and also as a good teacher I should make my lessons more interesting so that my students won’t fall asleep in my class. I remember that when I was a child, I hate math, because I was terrible at math, but my math teacher changed me, I loved his class because it was full of fun. And after that my math skill improved a lot. Thus, a good teacher also is an entertainer, you need to learn how to entertain your students, only in this way can a student become better in that subject. Besides, A good teacher should love his/ her job, if he/she really enjoys it, that will make the lessons more interesting. Some students say that they like the teachers who have lots of knowledge, not only of their subject, and also they like the teachers who are good-looking, can control the class and know their students very well. This reminds me of my high school English teacher. She was a really beautiful teacher back then, young, beautiful and charming, and she got such a great personality, every time we was having her class, she always share some other knowledge, like talking about the different culture, and some other things that we never heard before, back then I always thought that she is really different from other teachers, and now I know the reason why. Still on the first day, I saw a slide and it says: A poor teacher complains, an average teacher explains, a good teacher teaches and a great teacher inspires. I strongly agree with this. Although I am not a teacher, I still feel it’s not easy to be a great teacher. There are so many teachers in the world, but how many of them we can call as Great?

With this course, I’ve learned that how I can teach students properly and learned a lot of method. Back to the old days, most of the teachers using the same method to teach different, ignoring their needs, ignoring their learning style, so that many of my classmates they can’t get the information correctly or with interests. There are eight different ways of learning style, and as a teacher we need to know what kind of learning style that our students got. For example I think I am the kind of students that like to talk to others and learning stuff, so I’m more like interpersonal learner, so I should be asked to do a lot of group work in order to talk. I always thought that in the class teacher is the main character, the main role, should take control and do the most talking. But after this class I realized that the main character should be student, we should let them talk more, we should inspire them, encourage than to talk. Language is something you need to use, we need to give them the chance to speak out, not only practice their writing skills. There is one more, when I was a student, every time I stood up and shared my opinion, once I made mistake, my teacher would normally correct me immediately, but now I know my teacher was totally wrong, as a teacher, we should let them speak, open their mouth, only in this way that they can become more confident.

Except for gaining the knowledge and the skills, I have met a group of amazing friends here, Our teacher is talented, patient, and classmates are full of passion, we had class together for 5 days and we had so much fun. Some of them are experienced teachers, some of them are out-going and easy to get along with, all of them are so nice, and I am really glad that I’ve chosen this course. Everyday was full of surprise, and I always thought that when you turn into an adult, it would be much difficult for a person to find new friends or get along with any other new circle, but I noticed that it’s not, if you want to, everything can be possible.

We are coming soon!! Stay tuned for something amazing