Through 4 days training of TESOL advanced program

Through 4 days training of TESOL advanced program, I have a better understanding towards English learning, teaching and communication. Hopefully, these appreciations can be transformed into my intrinsic values which can be applied to my teaching career as well as to my interpersonal relationship.

The most fruitful result getting from TESOL advanced program is a new perspective towards teaching English. Communicative language teaching (CLT) and TPR methods are the most commonly used teaching method in this course, which can motivate every participant’s interest and make the classroom atmosphere very active.   Under traditional Asian teaching method, CLT and TPR are considered as inefficient even wasting of time, because these methods are not designed to passing exams. However, I believe the biggest obstacle in language learning is loosing interest or motivation. How can an English language learn can make progress if he or she lost his or her passion at the beginning? CLT and TPR can draw English learners’ attention to a large extend and expand their input and output as much as possible. Besides, classroom activities based on CLT and TPR simulate real-life English usage conditions, which prepare students really well in real situations. Therefore, teaching methodologies such as CLT and TPR should be applied more widely in English teaching classrooms.

Besides teaching methodologies, as a life-time language learner, I begin to review of my language learning process after participating TESOL advanced program in order to find a more efficient way for my future study. English used to be my least favorite subject in my primary school. There were so many vocabularies to remember, so many grammatical practices needed to be done and so many translations needed to be explained endlessly by my English teacher. Luckily, this unpleasant study experience did not last long because I was so into an American rock band called Green Day. I wanted to figure out every song’s lyrics of their music to feel their emotions. At college, I was so interested into psychology then I bought many original English psychology books to avoid translating inaccuracies which may hinder my understanding. At that time my reading ability improved dramatically. Everyone has his or her own unique learning style. Language learning can take many forms, not only just memorizing vocabularies, grammatical rules or endlessly mechanical drills. Language learners should understand their unique learning styles to meet their learning needs. Language leaning can take many forms in music, movies, literacies, arts and interactions. Being conscious of these language carriers and make the best result out of them.

Last but not least, by participating TESOL advanced program, I got acquainted with so many wonderful classmates. We may speak different dialogues with various cultural backgrounds, ages, occupations and personalities. But it didn’t take long for us to know each other through warm-up activities-which I would like to call ice-breaking activities – to form a sense of community. Some people already have been mums and dads, some people are still students, and some people are just started running their own business. They are really kind-hearted and always wiling to help. What inspires me most is their sophisticated and decent way of caring. For example, for classmates who maybe shy and feel uncomfortable when speaking in the public, most of my classmates act both like patient parents and loving friends to make them feel more comfortable and more adapting rather than isolating and ignoring them, though it’s only four days’ training. If all the people around the world would like to show their kindness like my classmates, there would be no terrible bullying in schools or workplaces. I believe by joining TESOL advanced program, my social behavior will also be lifted and my personality will be enriched by my classmates.

To conclude, TEOSL advanced program provides me with valuable learning experiences through 4 days intensive training. Not only my teaching skills will be improved, but also my ways of learning languages will be more scientific and efficient.   Besides, it’s my privilege to meet all of my loving and caring classmates. Finally, thanks to my instructor Alex, for your excellent instruction and classroom management.

We are coming soon!! Stay tuned for something amazing