TEFL/TESOL Teacher Margret for primary school students in Inner Mongolia

TEFL/TESOL English Teaching for primary school students in Inner Mongolia

English is the most important tool of international communication and the main component of human culture. The unity of instrumentality and humanity is the basic feature of the English curriculum English education puts humanistic factors such as emotional attitude and values in the prominent position of teaching objectives, highlights the rich connotation, fully shows the infinite charm of English itself, and returns English to its original features.

In the process of teaching, we should not ignore the instrumentality while highlighting the humanism of English. We should blend the instrumentality and humanism of English. The humanity and instrumentality of English are complementary and highly unified. The essence of English teaching lies in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It is the excavation and innovation within listening, speaking, reading, and writing, not the renovation outside listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Classroom teaching is bustling with various teaching forms, but students can't hear the sound of reading, can't see the taste of the language, can't appreciate the necessary original analysis of beautiful and wonderful passages, can't get the necessary training and accumulation, and can't stutter when they read short texts. Just imagine, if a student can't read or write some very commonly used words, and if he writes a composition, he will make many mistakes and sick sentences, then even if he has a strong sense of literature, it is difficult to express it. If our English class is like this for a long time, without the basic knowledge of listening, speaking, reading and writing and the training of basic skills, it can be imagined that all other activities will become castles in the air.

Therefore, in teaching, we should pay close attention to the teaching of English basic knowledge and the cultivation of English basic ability, and infiltrate the promotion of humanistic quality into the solid language training, to achieve the unity of English humanity and instrumentality, so that the ideal realm of English teaching can be realized.

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