An effective TESOL training courses

An effective TESOL training courses

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other languages. In 2021 May, I'm very glad to have the opportunity to study TESOL advanced program at TESOL training headquarters in Beijing. And this training has benefited me a lot.

The most important standard of a training institution is the teacher’s qualfication. And this time I am so lucky to be able to study with Mr. Alex who is a very professional teacher. The 5-days course is arranged from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.everyday, which is very compact, but interesting and lively. Alex understands students well and gives detailed lectures or answers to everyone's concerns. He can give guiding opinions, which I think teachers from the other institutions can not give.

In the selection of students Beijing TESOL training center takes the strict implementation of the English standard assessment, so the students' English level is very high, which fully ensure the quality of students in the classroom. Participants in the advanced program are from all over the world in different fields. Many of our trainees in this training have already been very famous teachers. But as they come to this class and find that everyone's English is so good, they suddenly feel an invisible pressure, so it's also a very interesting thing.

For me, the happiest thing is to meet a lot of teachers and friends with high level                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             here. Although the learning task is particularly heavy, we have been working hard to study, listen carefully in class and review carefully after class. Then we have gained a lot of knowledge and enjoyed in TESOL Beijign Center.

There are lots of materials of the traning. Here I will name and describe three examples of input sources used to teach listening, which is the most important in four aspects including listening, speaking, reading and writing.

1 Songs

As most people enjoy listening to songs, it can be a useful tool to develop listening skills. Therefore, the implementation of songs in the classroom may facilitate the development of listening skills in beginner language learners. Besides, the lyrics of the songs are the most helpful tool as teacher can use for a lot of activities such as learning vocabularies, finding synonyms and antonyms, creating discussions. Furthermore, songs can bring relaxing atmosphere so students will not feel stressed when practicing listening and becoming interested in learning new.

2 Movies

Another listening source that most people enjoy is watching movies, the movie assist students’ understanding with visual support, such as facial expression and gestures. The conversation used in movies can assist to participant in the real life conversation as the exchanges in movies are very similar to the ones in the real-life, thus enhace more appropriate use of language and preventing cross-cultural misunderstandings.

3 Ted talk or other public speaking videos

Ted talks are available online, the speakers are celebrities, business people, politicians, innovators, inventors, scientists, educator and the   other professionals with a strong and powerful vision of their own. However, some Ted talks are complex so it is important to consider both content suitability and appropriateness to their level of proficiency. This is not just a way to listen to learn a language, it is more like to learn a language within a context and to lean the content of the context itself.

The overall time of this training is only 5 days, while there are a lot of content, but also drills, examinations, it will be better if we can have a little more time to review digestion and absorption. In addition, let the students strengthen each other drill and interact more.

Also, after the training of this course, it would be better to have an evaluation form. That is to say, the teacher makes an evaluation for each trainee's training performance. Through the test, the teacher will tell the students in which aspects we need to strengthen and improve. It is particularly important for us to know in which aspects to improve knowledge structure after we go back.

In a word, TESOL trains us how to teach English more professionally. But I think TESOL training can also bring us some other thoughts, for isntance, what do you really love and whether you have done your best to pursue your dream, that also helpful in our thinking and cognition. After all, the improvement of the breadth and depth of one's thinking can also make us better ourselves. Hope to have more chance to study with TESOL in the future.

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