The Group Work method in TESOL

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The Group Work method in TESOL

When I took the TESOL course, I was impressed by the teaching methods used by the teachers. The teachers treat each course with a strong sense of responsibility, and adopt vivid and interesting teaching methods to fully arouse the interests of students.


Group work is a useful method and creative teaching strategy. In TESOL classes, teachers will divide students into groups according to their gender or ability. Each group has a common goal, members help each other, assign roles and work together to complete group tasks and make efforts for better results.

Team members assume complementary, interrelated roles. In group work, different members can play the following roles:

Some students are responsible for summarizing and retelling the group's main conclusions and answers.

Some students are responsible for making sure that all members of the group can clearly state the answer or conclusion that the group has reached.

Some students are responsible for correcting any errors in the explanations or summaries of others.

Some students are responsible for liaising and coordinating with teachers and other groups.

Some students are responsible for recording group decisions and writing group reports.

Some students are responsible for monitoring group activities and providing suggestions for improving or increasing the efficiency of group activities.

The above roles are essential to ensure the progress of group activities. Under the background of pursuing common goals, all members of the group conscientiously perform their roles and responsibilities, thus forming mutual cooperation among members.

The achievement of each group is also the basis of learning evaluation, which can effectively promote the progress of each group member. Through teamwork, students' learning enthusiasm can be increased, the friendship between students can be enhanced, and a good learning environment and classroom atmosphere can be created.

This mode can improve students' learning participation, cultivate students' ability to obtain and process information, improve students' ability to analyze and solve problems, develop team spirit to cooperate with others, tap students' potential, improve the comprehensive application ability of language, so as to cultivate students into a better learner.

In addition, for students, a positive attitude towards study is also helpful to improve their learning ability and lay a good foundation for their study and career development.

First of all, group work plays a great role in improving the atmosphere in the classroom. Secondly, it can effectively improve students' classroom learning efficiency and help students develop good habits and personal qualities in the process of mutual cooperation. For this reason, the group work has attracted wide attention in the world.




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