TESOL Learning style Thesis

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TESOL Learning style Thesis


TESOL Learning Style:

People gain knowledge through variety of learning methods, Some people like to learn by sight or hearing, others prefer to explorethe outside world through sports or hands on activities, so as to grasp the relevant information. It is necessary to help learners to apply appropriate learning strategies in accordance with their different cognitive style in learning activities.

TESOL Visual Intelligence:

TESOL Visual learners are extremely imaginative and creative, they usually understand visual pictures and are experts at reading body language, this kind of students work best through sketching, drawing, and constructing visual diagrams. For these students, What they learn through observation is more effective than what they learn through conversation or practice. It is important to arrange more visual learning activities, Such as communicative reading, movie watching, and visit to museums and diversity of places. These teaching methods can not only broaden their horizons, but also transform what they see into practical knowledge in the shortest time.

TESOL Bodily Intelligence:

TESOL Bodily learners are often understand sensory material form hands-on experience, they can do best work through expression of movement, which includes jumping, touching, hands on   activities,stretching, drawing, etc. It is better to set up some interesting activities, such as dance teaching, simulation acting teaching and sports teaching. For these students, the surrounding comfortable learning environment is favorable, so it is essential for a teacher to create harmonious learning atmosphere.

TESOL Interpersonal Intelligence:

TESOL Interpersonal learners are reflective and independent thinkers, they understand their own strengths and weaknesses and work best through self evaluation and individually paced project. Instead of cooperating with people, they prefer to work alone, and they learn better by themselves than by group work. For these students, the best way to learn is guide them start a writing task or reading comprehension. During this process, give them enough support and encouragement when they need it.

Above all, Different types of learners have different performance in the process of learning, so it is vital for teachers to adopt different teaching programs for different learners.




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