Why is TEFL teaching practice observation valuable?

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Some TEFL English teaching and training centers will require newly hired TEFL teachers to observe the course for a period of time. During this period, new employees can be familiar with the general culture and atmosphere of the school learning environment. New and old TEFL teachers can also learn TEFL classroom rules that students should abide by.

In some cases, TEFL teachers observed may sometimes include new teachers in activities so that students begin to feel more comfortable with new teachers. During this observation period, TEFL teachers can establish a harmonious relationship with students not only in TEFL classroom, but also outside TEFL classroom. In the teaching experience of various training centers and universities in Asia, I have observed and been observed many times. I have many opinions on the value of observing TEFL teaching practice.


Build confidence

When observed by another teacher, the teacher often becomes nervous. I found that although this may cause some initial discomfort, once the discomfort is overcome, being observed helps TEFL teachers have more confidence in their skills and finally prepare them for greater success in parent presentations, assessments or future job interviews.

As a musician trained in classical music, I occasionally have stage fright, and I find myself often learning from performing in front of hundreds of audiences. It was observed to be very similar in TEFL class. The more a person performs, the better they are at dealing with any discomfort and refocusing their nervous energy on a successful performance. As an observed teacher, I did this in TEFL class.

Peer learning

Observe that TESOL teachers in TEFL classroom have the opportunity to experience the expected way of TEFL classroom teaching. They have the opportunity to witness the implementation of the rules and regulations of specific teaching institutions. Like being observed, observation courses often bring their own discomfort. Teachers may often feel that they are infringing or infringing on an intimate occasion. They can also get bored. 1、 Myself, I often think, "well, I see. This is your teaching style. Let's continue. Do I need to see it all here?" Although these feelings are reasonable, I have experienced this situation many times. Naturally, I find that observing TEFL classroom has some very good benefits.


Sometimes, in the process of observation, TEFL teachers may have the opportunity to actually participate as students and look at problems directly from the perspective of students. During the tenure of TEFL teachers, perspectives are essential for more effective curriculum planning. What new ideas and effective methods can not be noticed by the observer, and sometimes come up with effective ones. I almost sometimes feel unhappy because my TEFL teaching style may not be exactly the same as the teachers I observe, but I always get something positive after every experience.

Generally speaking, observing other TEFL teachers will increase the tool library. TEFL teachers can use these tools when planning courses and if students do not respond well to the planned action process during the course, and TEFL teachers need to adjust the course.

I found that when observation occurs, the observer and the observed share experiences and ideas outside the TEFL classroom. This helps to provide a very positive and productive overall TEFL teaching and working environment. Although it may be uncomfortable at first, once the above inconvenience is overcome, it provides a more lasting bond that cannot exist without the practice of observation. The core of this connection is professionalism and the motivation to become a better educator. Of course, this is the direction that TEFL teachers should always strive for.

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