Using songs in TEFL English Teaching

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Music is an important element in our life. Music gives people encouragement and strength. Its importance cannot be taken for granted. It is a tool for connecting people of all ages, nationalities and cultures. It's not strange to see a child listening to the music of an old rock musician. In addition, it's not surprising to see an Indian woman listening to Taylor Swift, despite their cultural differences. I believe that using music as TEFL teaching tool to teach foreign students English has many advantages.


conquer discouragement

First, TEFL is boring for both sides. Teachers get tired of talking to students and giving them homework every day. Students will lose interest and they will not be motivated at all. Many experts agree that children are more motivated than others in foreign language classes when real materials such as songs and rhymes are inspired. be included. In addition, some songs are very interesting for children to remember. Sometimes, they don't even need to try to remember it, it will immediately appear in their mind. So if you want your students to remember a phrase, but they always forget it, find a song that contains the phrase you want to teach. It will be beneficial, no doubt.

Create a comfortable atmosphere

Secondly, when students hear music, they feel relaxed. Because a TEFL English teaching class will make many students anxious for fear of failure. An English class should be included in the joint efforts to reduce students' pressure. The classroom provides the necessary conditions for students to learn English happily.

Learn local accent

Finally, using songs in TEFL class is a good way for students to hear different accents and enrich their listening. For example, if the teacher is American, it will be beneficial for the students to find a song by an English singer and let the students listen to it. So when they meet an Englishman, they will be familiar with his way of talking. As mentioned above, this is also a good way to enrich students' vocabulary. They will hear a word they don't know, and they will be curious about the meaning of the word. After finding the meaning of the word, the next time they hear the same song, they will understand the complete sentence.

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As a conclusion, songs in the classroom are good for both students and teachers. This will help TEFL teachers fulfill their teaching responsibilities. This class will not be torture for students. It will be very interesting. Students will be more comfortable in the classroom. This will allow students to hear different accents. By listening to an English song, students can add new words to their vocabulary. This is considered to be a good TEFL teaching method, and teaching experts advise teachers to use it.

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