Variable teaching tools are necessary for children to learn a second language. The children know few vocabularies, are unable to keep concentration over 20 minutes. The are very curious at the same time. Based on these, the teachers who aim at teaching kids in kindergartens, primary schools and youngkid training centers should use variable tools supporting the teaching process in a class. The tools like dice, sticky ball, graph on the whiteboard, flash cards, pictures and painting works on papers are all good supportive items that can help children acquire the vocabularies and shape the perception of second language.

Firstly, the variable tools make it possible to design a great varieties of games in your class.The games needs to be designed with clear and simple instructions so that kids could understand to play. In the game,kids would be willing to follow a teacher, so he/she could get the bonus if he/she behave in a right manner. The teacher could use 2/3 different games to motivate students to listen and avoid kids wandering. For example, dice, flashcards and sticky ball, drum can be used for games activity in one 45-minute length class.

Secondly, variable teaching tools like   model of graph, chart, diagram, could help students understand the connotation of geometry and mathematics.The visual tools are the better way to show logic than oral explanation.The teacher could easily teach young students about what is frequency(how often),what is proportion and what is geometry by showing them the materials when talking.

Finally,teaching tools could be beneficial for natural approach.Some tools used for visual presentation for students to watch, to touch and even to smell, which stimulate the perception growing as the use of tools activates multiple intellectual sections in brain. The more the sense organs engaged during the language learning process, the better the kids could acquire a second language.

Therefore, the teachers who aim at teaching children should know how to use variable teaching tools to stimulate the performance of kids in language learning process.






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