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Time flies. I finish my one week TESOL training for Children Program.

From this training, I benefit a lot from this training. I know how to manage an perfect English class for my students.

We learned many different kids activities. Such as Musical Drum, Touching game, Big Wind Blows, Hitting Monsters, Lucky Ball Games, Jumping to the flashcards, Flashcards, Back to back, My feeling, Game squatting and Through the dice.

How to teaching vocabulary is a good topic. First of all, the most effective way is teaching vocabulary in context. There are two advantages: 1)students remember the word better. 2)students see how the words are used. Secondly, use all kinds of stories: children’s stories, news, jokes, magazine articles. Thirdly, teaching by using word-formation.

Also what is lesson plan, how to make a lesson plan are very good. Lesson plan is the aims of your class, a plan is a guide for the teacher. It’s just like a journey. Lesson plan should include stage aim, teacher activity, student activity, interaction and timing. We can make two types of lesson plan, short term lesson plan and long term lesson plan. Teaching methods will use during our class include direct method, T.P.R, communicative, Natural method and Russia’s method.

We learned eight types of word formation, which includes compounding, conversion, clipping, blends, backformation, acronyms, onomatopoeia and eponyms.

And the thinking map helps me a lot. It includes eight kinds of maps, bubble map, double bubble map, flow map, mutiflow map, circle map, tree map, brace map and bridge map. Now it’s much easier for me to teach different kind of words.

Generally speaking, TESOL training a lot of skills about how to teach English for children. Also makes my teaching more interesting. I will take full advantage of those methods. Hope I can be a better English teacher in the future.






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