Variable teaching methods for TESOL learners to know.

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In this essay ,I will talk about how Tesol How Tesolhelps me to improve my teaching skills"There is a Chinese proverb “Nevertoo old to learn". The audience for this sentence is not only students butalso teachers. Teachers need comprehensive professional knowledge to supporttheir teaching work to provide teaching contributions to students or societywith close knowledge. TESOL teachers need to be able to keep up with thedevelopment trend of the subject faster than ordinary teachers, because Englishis the most widely used language, and students benefit from the latest Englishinformation. Many resources can help TESOL teachers or learners improve theirpersonal development and professional growth Professionally in English.Professional organizations have the most related resource for TESOL educatorsto improve their understanding of teaching English.


Firstly TESOL Learning's platform provides services forEnglish teachers from all over the world and establishes mutual learningconnections by getting to know different people in the process of learning.Through the exchange of ideas and practices to create a global perspective ofEnglish, no teaching method is considered to be the best, but with theprofessional reference of TESOL literature, we can more easily find themost suitable one.

Secondly, the different teaching methods mentioned inTesol's textbook are of great benefit to us For example, I learned the theoryof Total Physical Response (TPR) is introduced by Dr. James and it is aneffective method used in TESOL class, children do not need to be able to speakthese vocabulary or sentence patterns, but only need to listen and payattention to their teacher’s   demonstrated and then Students need torespond in the same way quickly. In this an effective learning method, Thelearners' input can be strengthened.

Thirdly Others approaches are also important for theTESOL English class. A wonderful English lesson must include diversifiedteaching methods. Just like the warmup part of each lesson, we would use themusic approach to help students integrate into the classroom environment morequickly. After that using the vocabulary approach to introduce the newvocabularies or review previous vocabularies to students. Besides these, wealso use the audiolingual method of teaching to help students improve theircorrect pronunciation in English learning.

In general, teaching English is not an easy task. Thisjob requires us as teachers to have enough patience and enthusiasm for thisjob. As future qualified TESOL teachers, we need to keep learning and find morefeasible teaching methods to help students learn a second language in a moreinteresting way.



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