I have learned a lot from TESOL program. The first, I know TESOL is the Teaching English to speakers of other languages. I know how to do the greetings. There are several ways to do the greetings. Different age groups do the different greeting steps. My age group is over 6, so the greeting step is “Hello, I am Helen, and you? Hi, I am … and you are Helen. Hi, Helen, it’s good to see you. Hi… it’s good to see you too. Furthermore, how to be a great teacher? A great teacher should have a lot of knowledge. They also should have a good character and personality. They should make their lessons more interesting. They know how to control the whole class. They know their students, they prepare well and they know their subjects well.

How to be a great teacher is very important, some teachers, they just follow their hearts, not focus on their students. They don’t know what the student needs. They just finish a lesson or make a whole lesson look smooth. That is wonderful. But it’s definitely not. Being a good teacher, they should have talented, elegant, awesome, charming, helpful, efficient and receptive. They should have a wide range of knowledge. Teacher should let their students to admire them. And I also learn different games. You should know how to arrange these games and use in your own class. Such as “back to back.” “Big wind blows,” “touch the flashcards”, “jump to the flashcards.” We also learn how to teach the vocabularies. We have learned seven steps to teach the vocabularies. We learned how to show the chant, the vocabularies patterns. How to consolidate the words, you can use the different mind maps, such as spots the differences, describe and draw, word network, word association, word categories, etc.

So, being a good teacher is not easy. And you have a long route to reach you goals. You need to grasp the new knowledge and enhance yourself. I need to work hard and improve myself and emphasis on how to accumulate the information.






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